• Daniel Gwirtzman

Icy Morning

At 6:30am, 11 degrees Fahrenheit, the dawning day compelled me to throw on the substantial winter coat my mother lovingly sent, arctically-designed boots, and a fleece hat, and grab the camera. The clouds in the west caught my eye first, like pink whipped cream.

In the other direction, the sun climbed behind the mountains, casting a net behind the trees.

Ice coated everything, the light was magnificent. Here's a close-up of the icy grasses.

It's easily the longest I've stayed outdoors in such a cold temperature shooting grasses!

You can see my tracks leaving the cabin. The creek is just across from this narrow road.

The light pours right onto the front patio. I was biking yesterday. Just not when it's this icy!

Enjoy this SLIDESHOW, above, of nature's early morning. Steam was rising from the creek!

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