• Daniel Gwirtzman

Life In The Time of Covid

It's too soon to know too much.

Only the belief that life as we know it has changed for the long haul. More than 10,000 infections in the U.S. today, and already that number climbing to 12,000 before the day's through.

Watching videos and realizing I've never washed my hands correctly. Not once in my entire life. Have you washed your thumbs the way the CDC demonstrates? Ubiquitous videos, charts, descriptions on hand washing. Are the boxes and bags safe we bring in from outside?

Will summer school, concerts, programs be possible? Life continues at warp speed, as if it wasn't running at that tempo already. The pitch and pace of information is overwhelming.

The whole world's resources, the famous library of Alexandria once more, are free. There's no toilet paper, but there's Thoreaux and Thiebault and Turner and Tolstoy, and Tchaikovsky and Tharp.

Do we have it now? Will we get it from being at the grocery store?

How will we manage if the past in other countries is prologue?

Things have already shifted irrevocably.

The actions of so many actions causes permanent reactions, even if all were to return to "normal" next month

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